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Advanced Vibration Training

Embrace living in a higher vibrational plane and learning practical tools and techniques in a seven day workshop.


During recent years Earth has been going though an intense shift in energy vibration from the third dimension to a higher one. This has resulted in a thinning of the veil to higher vibration planes. In order to continue existing in these new vibrations everything on the planet needs to vibrate at the same frequency to maintain harmony. Social systems, human culture and behaviour, political and economics working at lower resonance will cease to exist as we know it. We are being taken on a journey to resonate with these higher energies and new planes.

The shift also enables us to access stronger more potent energies. Having access to them gives us different tools to exist in the new vibrational plane that we find ourselves in. Not only do we have access to many new ways of Being, we now have the opportunity to consciously harness these energies in our daily lives. We no longer need to be passive receivers and channellers of Energy, but active Co-Creators of our Consciousness and ways of Being.

High Vibrational Energy

The Council of Beings of Light are spiritual beings from a part of the cosmos that has gone through similar changes happening now on Earth. They wish to impart their knowledge, skills and sacred knowledge of using Advance Vibrational Techniques. This includes how to live our lives in a different way and ultimately embody the energy itself.

Advanced Energy Techniques gives simple yet practical methods of using the incredibly subtle energies in a powerful and harmonious way and help us manifest our lives in the New Vibrational Plane of Existence.


I knew this course would be great and comes at the right time for me but I have not imagined how absolutely magical it would be!

All the components are amazing on their own - the course content is magic that you can actually experience in real life even if your are very much in your head like me! Reena is the most amazing teacher who radiates pure joy and love and guides her students with this awesome energy, Mt Shasta is a miraculous place with fantastic energy spots in nature. All put together gave me a miraculous week of incredibly fast and effective learning, breaking loads of barriers I was not even aware of, uncovering new colours of existence I never dared believe were possible. Now, on to the integration and applying these amazing techniques in real life - very exciting.

I am hugely grateful to Reena and Andy, and the Council of Beings for generously sharing their techniques and being incredibly supportive, an amazing group of students, and Shasta for welcoming us! Looking forward to AVT 2!

S.J. London, UK

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Jelalu'ddin Rumi