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Past Life Regression Academy

The Academy offers past life therapy training internationally as well as hypnosis regression therapy and between lives training. It also offers one day workshops on a range of topics including using energy vortexing techniques to clear a range of intrusive energies unresponsive to normal techniques. It also has a wide range of past life and regression therapy books
Website: http://www.regressionacademy.com

Reena Kumarasingham

A therapist offering between lives regression therapy in the UK and specialising in helping clients moving to the new consciousness and author of the past life book Shrouded Truth.
Website: http://www.reenakumarasingham.com

Spiritual Regression Therapy Association

An international association of therapists that promotes the spiritual nature of their work, enables them to keep in touch with each another and provides details of training and social events. For more see the webpage on past life and regression therapy, between lives regression and past life, regression and between lives therapists.
Website: http://www.regressionassociation.com